The Buddha's Middle Way: Finding a Sane Relationship With Our World

with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel
Friday, March 15, 2013
New York,

We often hear the term “Middle Way” in the context of the Buddha’s life, teachings and meditation practice. But what exactly is the Middle Way? Most essentially, it refers to a genuine insight - what we experience when we find our natural resting place, and our mind rests at ease with its world. It also refers to the path that leads us to this natural resting place. Elizabeth will clarify and lead us through an exploration of this topic in what will be a lively weekend (or day) of talks, discussion and practice.

Elizabeth is known for her willingness to question the entire path in order to reach a place of genuine practice and awakening. She asks the participants to engage in the practice of open questioning with her while she takes a fresh look at all the assumptions and beliefs we have about spirituality. Audiences repeatedly comment on how this approach has reinvigorated their meditation practice and how they relate to their lives as a whole.