Maitreya Buddha’s Early Arrival at Pema Osel Do Ngak Choling

On Friday, February 1, Vermont’s air was frigid and still, and the sky was magnificent crystal blue. That afternoon, a large truck came rolling up Pema Osel’s driveway, ending the Maitreya statue’s three-and-a-half-month journey from Nepal.

The Maitreya statue left Nepal at the end of October, after being disassembled and packed into seven large wooden crates. In Calcutta, India, he boarded a shipping container and took a long sea voyage around the tip of Sri Lanka, up through the Suez Canal, then across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Finally, on January 16, he landed in New Jersey, and two weeks later, he cleared customs in Boston. Then he made his overland journey to Vershire, Vermont, which is practically as remote as Nepal with the challenges of snow and mud. 

A small team of Michael, Gampo, Eric, and Rebecca (who wandered over from her retreat cabin) were there to welcome the statue’s seven crates. No assembly instructions were provided. With the team’s own common sense and the photograph from Nepal as a guide, four hours latter we had magically assembled a magnificent being. To the Buddha Maitreya, we offered katas and other delicious offerings.

Maitreya Comes to Vermont

Thanks to everyone's contributions we have raised $50,000 and Maitreya Buddha resides in Vermont. We should congratulate ourselves; this project was the result of a wish from Rinpoche's kind heart, a flash of inspiration, and it has been actualized. Now, throughout our lives, throughout the lives of our children and those to follow, we can come to Vermont and practice with the embodiment of loving-kindness. Maitreya is the anchor for our kind intentions; he is the power of loving-kindness that can extend out and be of great service.

 Everyone who comes to Vermont this spring and summer will be able to practice and receive teachings in the presence of the Buddha of Loving-Kindness. Find out more about Pema Osel, and the 2013 event schedule here.


The Matreya Buddha’s platform has not yet been constructed. We needed him in Vermont to know what to make and how to handle all the aspirations and other welcoming aspects that Rinpoche will disclose this summer. He will also have ornaments and beautiful brocades, but for now he has taken his seat, where Rinpoche wants him to live.

We have raised $50,000, the final $10,000, is needed to build the platform to hold our aspirations, and to adorn the statue with brocades and jewels of coral, turquoise, and pearls. Your continued support will make this happen.

 Donate here. Or send a check to the 
Maitreya Project Vermont, 

Together are making this happen. Together we are creating a support for mindfulness and loving kindness in the West that will last for a thousand years.

Maitreya Project Vermont