An Opportunity for Your Prayers

Wonderful News from Guna Norling!
Guna Norling (MSB’s Mangalam Dharma Center in Salvador, Brazil) will hold its first group offering practice March 9-12. During this time, Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche and MSB students in Brazil will practice the sadhana of Rigdzin Dupa from the Longchen Nyingtik tradition.
Everyone is welcome to connect to and share in the merit of this offering related to Guru Rinpoche by requesting prayers or making a contribution to the tsok offerings.
Your prayers will be read aloud each day. Kongtrul Rinpoche and MSB students will hold those aspirations in their mind during the periods of accumulation and offering to the Three Jewels. Please include your name in addition to your prayer. For example, "John Smith: Please prayfor my brother Alex who is sick."
A donation of your choosing usually accompanies these prayer requests and 100 percent of your donation contributes to the drupcho’s offering fund. As Kongtrul Rinpoche has said, “The bigger the offerings, the bigger the accomplishment.” Take the opportunity to connect your aspirations to the accomplishments of Mangala Shri Bhuti Brazil.
To ensure your prayers and donation are included, please submit them by March 10. You can click the buttons above or write to
Thank you for joining us from afar and supporting the MSB's first drupcho in Brazil!