The Asian Charity Fund

Compassionate activity is a natural expression of being on the Buddhist path. Every year Rinpoche travels to India to make offerings at the significant sites of the Buddha's life and to help beings in need. All who have asked for prayers, and all who donate to this activity, make a connection to Rinpoche's vast compassionate activity for that entire year. It is like one big pot, filled with wishes, prayers and pennies, from which offerings are then drawn and disseminated to worthy causes. These activities include making offerings to the Three Jewels in Bodhgaya, supporting elderly practitioners in Bir who have no means or family to support them, saving animals from slaughter, sponsoring druchens to clear obstacles for the Sangha and bring peace to the world, and offering food to beggars in India. When you donate twenty dollars, or a hundred, to the Asian Charity Fund, it is mixed into that whole pot, like a drop of water into a lake, and the compassionate activities carried out during the year connect back to you, and to your prayers and aspirations.

By bringing these activities to your attention, we hope to share with you an opportunity to be part of something bigger than ourselves. If you are inspired to contribute, we ask you to take a moment to rejoice in your own generosity, for when we give, we don’t just benefit others. Our generosity becomes the foundation for an increasingly greater vision in our own lives as well.  All contributions are used in their entirety for Mangala Shri Bhuti's compassionate activities in Asia. To read an in depth description of these actvities, please visit the Offering and Dana page. If you have further questions about this fund and its activity, please contact the Offering and Dana Coordinator.