Living Life in Accordance with Natural Power: Part 2: Karma, Equality and Guaranteed Rights

As human beings, we naturally desire to be happy and free from suffering.  In America, this desire translates into an expectation of guaranteed rights:  the right to happiness, prosperity, freedom, and so forth. This guarantee of rights is an idealistic view, and it fosters a lot of resentment among Americans.  We assume we have the Constitutional rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  How do we interpret these rights?  Does it mean we have the right to own a machine gun if that makes us feel content and secure?   Does it mean we have the right to a decent place to live with a decent job? These “rights” in the Constitution are open to wide interpretation, they do not mean the same thing to all people. “Equal rights” is a nice concept, but it does not correspond to reality at all.  We have different responses when there is a seeming inequality of rights, but it is due to our karma that there is no such thing as a guaranteed right of equality. If we understand the laws of karma, the causes and conditions, we can become more comfortable with our limitations and strengths and not be so frustrated or resentful towards the seeming inequalities. And instead work towards cultivating the right causes and conditions for change.

Enlightened Hiccups - How Our Buddha Nature Interacts with Karma

Karma is a concept that is easily misunderstood. It is not always clear what we mean by this word. We may have the impression that it’s some kind of conscious force, or sometimes we hear it used as "fate" that fulfills some predetermined goal. But karma has no purpose, it just describes the way things are. What karma does fulfill is the act that came before it. That’s it. This is neither good nor bad.

What are the Karmic Implications of Bequeathing An Estate or Accepting an Inheritance?

When people die they usually pass on their assets and belongings to their children, especially in the West. We should keep in mind that there are some complications to bequeathing or  inheriting money and possessions. Children must consider the karmic implications of what they do with an inheritance, and parents should factor in the karmic implications of their gift-giving. Here are some guidelines from Rinpoche to keep in mind.

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