Crucial Point

The Journal of Mangala Shri Bhuti

Crucial Point is a full-color journal featuring articles by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, Dungse Jampal Norbu, Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, and other teachers in the Longchen Nyingtik lineage.

We are delighted to announce that the 2018 edition of Crucial Point is now available. Articles include:

  • The Story of Merit Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche retells an ancient story that illustrates the power and persistence of merit

  • The Wet Sheet Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s eyewitness account of nuns performing a miraculous feat

  • Faith in Action Dungse Jampal Norbu speaks of guru devotion from his personal experience

  • The Qualities of a Teacher Two pithy excerpts from Words of My Perfect Teacher

  • The Power of Imagination Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel explains how imagination is a key component of our path

  • Interview with Rebecca Zepp An interview from the Crucial Point archives with one of Kongtrul Rinpoche’s most senior students

  • The Four Solaces Kongtrul Rinpoche’s commentary on “The Four Solaces of the Kadampas,” which emphasize the importance of simplicity and solitude

  • Beyond Views Elizabeth clarifies the meaning of “Middle Way” in this excerpt from The Logic of Faith

  • How to Make Use of Suffering Kongtrul Rinpoche speaks of how suffering is indispensable for our growth

  • Send Me More and More! Yeshe Tsogyal sang this song of confidence while experiencing fearful visions during a meditation retreat

  • Meeting Death with an Open Heart In this excerpt from Training in Tenderness, Kongtrul Rinpoche describes the two qualities we need most at the end of our lives

Crucial Point is available in two formats:

Full-color print magazine + Free Digital PDF: $16 

Digital PDF: $9

Please note: The full-color, bound paper magazine also comes with a free digital PDF. The PDF is available for immediate download and viewable on any desktop or mobile device. With either purchase, you will need to set up a free account with MagCloud to order. You will only need to do this once, enabling you to purchase future editions as well.

All proceeds from the Crucial Point are used to support the production of the journal. Thanks for your interest, and we welcome your feedback. Please contact the Crucial Point if you have any questions.