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"When the mind is free of doubt, whatever you wish can be achieved." 

-- Padmasambhava

Welcome to the Foundational Teachings resource page. We will be updating this page on our new website. For now, you will find a talk on the longing for happiness, the recognition of which is central to the Buddhist path. 

Longing for Happiness

Do we really feel we can attain fulfillment by acquiring a larger house, or by enhancing our reputation? Rinpoche points out the necessity of being sincerely honest with ourselves, and encourages an attitude that addresses not only our desire for happiness, but also the need to change our approach. This culminates in the genuine embrace of others’ happiness as the most direct path to our own. (23 min.)

Written Material 

Download written material about the Seventy-Two Ways in Which Our Minds Become Disturbed and Cause Us to React Negatively.

Download written material to support your studies of the Skandhas and Egolessness of Self.

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Introductory Course 

Our Awakening the Mind, Softening the Heart online course introduces practices basic to Buddhism, shamatha meditation, self-reflection, and the Four Immeasurables. 

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