Mahayoga Sadhana Retreat Liturgy Download

Everyone who is taking part in the first three days of the Mahayoga Sadhana Retreat will need to download and print out the newly revised Chime Pakme Nyingtik liturgy. However, most people will not need to print out all the other files. The Rangjung Peme Nyingtik main text and inserts are included in the purple book that we always use during this program. Many people also have Riwo Sangcho, the long protector prayers, the long life prayers, Prayer for the World, and Prayer for Peace and Stability in the World. Also, the long protector prayers are included in the Chime Pakme Nyingtik liturgy, so there is no need to print them out twice. 

It will be helpful to look at the two cheat sheets before the program.


Click the links below to download the texts:

Riwo Sangcho.pdf

Rangjung Peme Nyingtik main text.pdf

Rangjung Peme Nyingtik

Prayer for the World.pdf

Prayer for Peace and Stability in the World.pdf

Long Protector Prayers.pdf

Long Life Prayers.pdf

Chime Pakme Nyingtik 2020.pdf

Cheat sheet for Sangdrup (days 4-7)

Cheat sheet for Chime Pakme Nyingtik (days 1-3)


On August 25, at 8 p.m. Eastern time, Joey Waxman will lead a Zoom webinar to give people some basic information on how to do these practices.  Register to receive the link to connect to this instructional session.

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