Milarepa Fund: Supporting MSB Students in Long-Term Retreat

As Buddhist practice took root in Tibet, lay communities would support both monks and nuns and individual practitioners in their pursuit of enlightenment, often in long-term, solitary retreat. Families, farmers, and merchants alike would bring bags of tsampa or pots of curd and leave them outside the mouth of a cave for the person practicing within. Their generosity created a precious link between practitioner and benefactor. It was widely believed that the merit of such deeds would eventually bring them both to enlightenment. As the renowned Buddhist yogi, Milarepa once said:

Between the hermit meditating in the mountains

And the donor who provides his sustenance

There is a link that will lead them to enlightenment together.

Dedication of merit is the very heart of that link.

The Milarepa Fund seeks to continue this meritorious and joyous tradition here in the West, specifically at, Longchen Jigme Samten Ling, Mangala Shri Bhuti’s retreat center in Crestone, Colorado. Over the years people have approached Rinpoche with the inspiration to help support students in long-term or life retreats. In response, Kongtrul Rinpoche officially launched the Milarepa Fund during the Tibetan New Year celebration in February of 2015. It now provides the means for people to make tax-deductible donations to MSB for supporting long term retreatants. Rinpoche, along with four close students, personally allocates the donations from the Milarepa Fund as needed to individuals in retreat. 100% of the donations go toward supporting these practitioners.

Samten Ling strives to keep the basic costs of retreat as low as possible. Renting a cabin costs only $7.50 a day. But the rising costs of food, propane, and other necessary supplies, do not always meet monthly expenses. Your support would serve to support a practitioner’s intention to remain on the land and continue their practice. Through contributing to the Milarepa Fund, you link yourself to those who have committed themselves to genuine practice. While MSB welcomes one-time donations, please also consider providing ongoing support through ACH or regular installments. As with all such offerings to MSB, a nonprofit 501c3, donations to the Milarepa Fund are tax deductible.

Practice makes dharma a living experience and in doing so keeps the light of the lineage strong and bright. Over the years, those who have dedicated themselves to serious retreat have strengthened the fiber of our community. They continue to provide invaluable service to the sangha by guiding to less experienced students entering into their own retreats, working on manuals and pechas used in daily practice, assembling compliations of teachings for study aids.  Please consider supporting the Milarepa fund. In this way, everyone benefits.

Thank you for your support!