MSB Brazil

Guna Norling

Salvador De Bahia, Brazil

Guna Norling is MSB's Center in Brazil. Perched among the cliffs along the seaside of Salvador de Bahia, it overlooks the lively open ocean of the Atlantic. Kongtrul Rinpoche travels to Brazil once a year to support the Sangha and to teach an extended program that is open to the public. This center is particularly special to Rinpoche, as his visits always include some personal retreat time. With its spectacular location, secluded and hidden, yet wide open to the ever present sea, Guna Norling is the prefect place for students to gather together for study and practice sessions or to listen to teachings. 

Renovations at Guna Norling

The shrine room at Guna Norling is currently undergoing renovations. We are hoping to expand the fourth floor -- which offers this stunning view to the left -- into a space large enough to host Dharma events, rather than having to rent conference rooms elsewhere. This will involve putting on a new roof and reinforcing the ceiling of the third floor. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us, or you can also donate here


Life Release in Brazil

Guna Norling Life Release


Sarah Gomes, Guna Norling's director, regularly organizes the life release of crabs and other animals back into the wild. To date she has freed over 200,000 crabs alone, an amazing feat in which we can all deeply rejoice. She accepts contributions for these meritorious efforts from all over Brazil and abroad. If you would like to join in the merit of this worthy cause, please contact Sarah directly.


Visit the MSB news page to read an entertaining and informative post about Rinpoche's 2011 visit to Brazil, including teaching clips and videos of releasing crabs in the mangrove swamps. You can also read a short history of Guna Norling which appeared in the Crucial Point.

If you are interested in more information about Rinpoche's teaching schedule or other study and practice events, please contact the Director of Guna Norling.