MSB Japan

About MSB in Japan

In the spring of 2001, after much waiting and hoping, the right circumstances finally converged and Rinpoche was able to come to Japan and give teachings in Tokyo and Kyoto for the first time. According to Rinpoche's wishes, Mangala Shri Bhuti Japan (MSBJ) was established at that time as MSB's Japanese branch. Currently, Rinpoche visits Japan once a year to give teachings at Tashi Gachil. In addition, MSBJ regularly meets for study group and one-day meditation sessions, along with working periods and walking meditation in the garden.  Members also do tsok (an offering practice) and host other events, such as MDB Training. For those unable to come to Kyoto to participate in person, MSB offers its LINK podcasts (teachings broadcast every Sunday in English), as well as short messages and teachings translated into Japanese to share on Twitter and Facebook. Rinpoche's teachings on how to incorporate the buddhadharma into one's daily life are known for providing listeners with clear explanations of Buddhist teachings as they relate to life in modern-day society.

Kyoto Japan

Located next to Honen-in, a temple in Kyoto's eastern mountains, Tashi Gachil is our main study and practice center in Japan. The grounds contain a Japanese-style house with a beautiful garden surrounded by quiet nature. Members invite Kongtrul Rinpoche every year to give dharma talks here, and hold study group and one-day meditation sessions every month. Tashi Gachil means "Auspicious Coil of Joy."



Izu, Japan

Located high above the Pacific in the southern part of the Izu Peninsula, Tashi Choling is MSBJ's retreat center. It consists of a Japanese style house and adjacent service building, surrounded by garden areas. Meditation sessions and drupcho practice are held on a traditional Noh stage within the center's main building. Tashi Choling means "Auspicious Place of Dharma."

For more information about Mangala Shri Bhuti in Japan, please see the MSBJ websites in English and Japanese, or e-mail MSBJ. There are also Japanese Twitter and Facebook pages featuring translations of Rinpoche's dharma quotes and posts. If you speak Japanese, please feel free to visit them.