Summer Life Releases

On May 21, 2016 Pema Osel released 255 lobsters .

June 13, 2016, the day after Kongtrul Rinpoche taught a lovely, powerful, and inspiring Modern Day Bodhisattva Seminar at Pema Osel Do Ngak Choling, Vershire, Vermont - he and several students and friends, drove and met in Portland, Maine to release 490 lobsters back into the bay, where they would journey back to their new found freedom. The tide was low but all (including our lobster friends) were most comfortable and safe due to a newly constructed floating dock! The lobsters were active and happy, as one could witness, seeing into their eyes just before they entered the water. On this most auspicious day many prayers were read, and the merit was dedicated to benefit all. We look forward to many, many more lobster releases in Portland, Maine.  - Christopher Ivany

On May 21st, the wheel day Saga Dawa Düchen, the retreatants at Samten Ling as well as the ever growing Crestone Sangha community gathered with Rinpoche in the garden of his home, the Tsering Yangchil. We formed a large circle with two ice chests full of worms in the middle and did the Tsetar practice together. We released 3,060 worms.

This was the first time Rinpoche was present for this practice at his home though we’ve been doing it on the spring and summer wheel days there ever since the Tsering Yangchil has had a garden.  In addition to the deep joy and gratification of saving lives, there is an added benefit in that the worms help to keep Rinpoche’s garden alive and thriving. 













Another perk is that the worms are relocating to a lush, auspicious and coveted piece of real estate…not a bad move, coming from their previous home on the shelves of Walmart.  One of the amazing things to observe is how quickly the soft worms burrow through the dense and compact layer of grass and into the earth below. At the end of the practice Rinpoche gave a beautiful talk for all.

Tsetar Life release of 315 eels – on last Saga Dawa Düchen from MSB Europe

In the morning of the last Dharma wheelday on 21 May, seven ladies of the Dutch Ripga and Mangala Shri Bhuti Europe Sangha joined to practice life release.

We headed towards the middle of Holland to buy 35 kg of Eel to release them in a great environment. The Eels are commonly considered a delicacy and are imported from France to be smoked in Holland, a painful procedure. Because in Holland it is by law forbidden to catch eels as they are a protected species their life (up to 20 years) is secured after release. The shopkeeper told us that 1 kg of Eel contains 9 lives, so we could free about 315 eels!

The eel, a snake like being, looks like a naga. Freshwater eels travel in water upstream and  can climb up obstructions, such as weirs, dam walls, and natural waterfalls. They inhabit fresh water, but they return to the ocean to breed. In a meadow near a ditch, where the water lanes assure a connection to the ocean, we placed the boxes with the eels in iced water and set up a small shrine while constantly reciting the mani mantra.

Then we started with the Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones followed by Increasing Life and Prosperity including the long life prayers of our teachers and a prayer for the Swift Rebirth of Khandro Tsering Chödron. Practicing for the teacher’s health, longevity and the fulfilment of all their aspirations as well for the lineage masters and all authentic masters of the Buddhadharma. We concluded with the dedication of merit for the relative and ultimate well-being of all sentient beings.

During the practice a group of cows came to watch us curiously. After the eels were set free three birds came circling in the sky above the water while during the dedication the sun came from behind the clouds and our hearts felt warm by having freed the eels! Thanks so much for the Dutch Rigpa Sangha inviting us to join and the great contributions of the European sangha members! To be continued for more Wheel days to come! - Yours in the Dharma, Mirèse and Marjorieke

On July 20th Guna Norling in Brazil released 2958 lives. From Sarah: "On July 20th, a very auspicious day, we released 2.958 lives (2.070 crabs and 888 mussels). After the release of lives in the mangrove we went to the sanctuary Jigme Tsethar Ling and visited the animals that live there. When we arrived in the sanctuary we met the goats: Tsering and Tseten."

Here is also a photo from life release in Japan at the end of May.

Long live Rinpoche and MSB!