Tudo Bem na Brasil

This letter and these photos comes to us fron Sarah Gomes at Guna Norling in Brazil. The Brazillian sangha regularly engages in Life Release practices and we wanted to take a moment to share their work and offerings.  

On May 8, we distributed over 170 food kits to homeless people. We also distributed water, clothes, shoes, blankets and sanitation supplies, and were able to involve not only sangha members, but also the larger community.  After a night of heavy rain, we left early in the day to distribute the kits to the homeless in the streets.

Many people hugged the donations before opening them.

We also had two life releases, the first on Saturday, April 22 during the full moon where we released 4.260 lives (1.500 crabs and 2.760 clams).  Wereceived donations for animal well keep in Jigme Tsethar Ling, and celebrated the birth of a baby goat: born free and under protection !



The second release occurred on May 21, on Saga Dawa Duchen when we released 7.104 lives! 

3.000 crabs

4.080 mussels

3 goats

3 turtles

12 chickens

5 roosters

Traditionally this date is when our Brazilian sangha receives more offerings for our life release.  As with many life releases, there were some humorous moments: a bag of crabs opened and 50 crabs began to spread inside our car. We stopped all the cars and rushed about trying to gather them again.

Guna Norling prays for the long life of Rinpoche, may his activities flourish, and we dedicate the merit for enlightenment of all beings. To use our time and energy for the benefit of all beings, having the boddhicita as intention and action, brings us deep meaning and blessings to our lives.