Year End Life Releases

MSB Sangha

On May 21st, the Wheel Day Saga Dawa Düchen, the retreatants at Samten Ling as well as the ever growing Crestone Sangha community gathered with Rinpoche in the garden of his home, the Tsering Yangchil.  We formed a large circle with two ice chests full of worms in the middle and did the Tsetar practice together. We released 3,060 worms. This was the first time Rinpoche was present for this practice at his home though we’ve been doing it on the spring and summer wheel days there ever since the Tsering Yangchil has had a garden.  

In addition to the deep joy and gratification of saving lives, there is an added benefit in that the worms help to keep Rinpoche’s garden alive and thriving. Another perk is that the worms are relocating to a lush, auspicious and coveted piece of real estate…not a bad move, coming from their previous home on the shelves of Walmart. One of the amazing things to observe is how quickly the soft worms burrow through the dense and compact layer of grass and into the earth below. At the end of the practice Rinpoche gave a beautiful talk for all.”

- Crestone

“On Nov 19-20 Guna Norling  did the practice of Life Release saved the life of 2.270 crabs, 2 roosters, and 1 horse.

The roosters were imprisoned in a small and dark place waiting to be sacrificed and by the blessings of the Buddhas we arrived in time to save their lives from death. Now they run free and protected with other chickens in the Sanctuary. The horse belonged to a man who carried weights in a cart. The horse was a victim of ill-treatment, it is very thin and sick. The vet will examine him this week and give him medicine. Now he will live free and quietly with the other animals in the Jigme Tsethar Ling  Sanctuary under the protection of the Three Jewels! Deep gratitude to Rinpoche!”




Thanks to Steve Mitchell and Gina Mastrolucca, 108 lobsters were “swimmingly” set free from the dock on Sunday Nov 20. - Portland Maine


The morning of the Wheel Day, Sunday Nov 20, dawned magically at Thangtong Gyalpo (the new MSB-Europe transitional center near Mountshannon, County Clare, Ireland) with the beautiful sight of Lough Derg blanketed in cloud, Holy Island just emerging into view.2016-11-20 10.36.15.jpg


We gathered on-line for our Morning Practices which included the Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones, the MSB Opening Prayers, Shabten accumulation, the King of Aspiration Prayers and the MSB Closing Prayers.


Then a group travelled to the Flaggy Shore on the coast of north County Clare for the Life Release. The day was beautiful - sunny and calm, not a ripple on the sea. Finding lobsters in November is more difficult than in summer here in Ireland, but we were able to buy eleven fine lobsters which we transported from Dublin. We found a deep spot on the rocky shoreline to release them, and it was wonderful to see how quickly they recovered themselves and began to move off into deeper water, their colours changing.  A friendly local dog and Huxley, the center’s newest arrival (a three year old Tibetan Mastiff), joined us to watch them go. We scattered rose petals and chanted the Tsetar liturgy, dedicating the merit for all who sponsored the practice and remembering their prayer requests. We dedicated the practice also so that Rinpoche’s aspirations for planting the Lineage in Europe will be realised quickly and auspiciously.  Then we rounded off the day by sharing a meal in Kinvara.  It was a day of great joy and gratitude for all of us in the European branch of the sangha.  We have been so blessed by Rinpoche’s generosity to us, his guidance and his challenge to us to help in planting the Lineage here. Things have moved so quickly in the past year or so.  We look forward to seeing how they develop in 2017 with the blessings of the Lineage Masters and of Guru Rinpoche.

2016-11-20 13.46.38.jpgvlcsnap-2016-11-21-17h25m40s120.png


Thangtong Gyalpo, our transitional center, is dedicated to the practices of the Longchen Nyingtik Lineage and to facilitating individual retreat practice by formal MSB students. We have rented the property for a six-month period while we look for a more permanent home in Ireland. For more information on the Life Release or on the center, MSB-Europe can be contacted by email at

- Mangala Shri Bhuti Europe Wheel Day Practice & Life Release