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Welcome to Mangala Shri Bhuti’s News page. Here you'll find articles and updates about the activities of Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, Dungse Jampal Norbu, Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, as well as the students and centers of MSB throughout the world.

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December 3, 2012 - This coming week we prepare to raise the third floor roof on the Temple. This complex structure is the pinnacle achievement of this phase of construction. We invite you to watch this update that takes you into the preparations in words and images. And stay tuned this coming week for regular updates on our Progress Report blog. Or follow us on Twitter for daily images and notes from the job site. November 2012...   [Read more]
October 3, 2012 - On a moonlight evening last week, students and friends gathered at the house of Barry and Laura Weiss, in Boulder Colorado, for an exhibition of recent abstract expressionist paintings by Kongtrul Rinpoche. The show featured a number of works painted by Rinpoche over the last five years in India, but included smaller bodies of paintings created during visits to Crestone during that same time period. For Rinpoche,...   [Read more]
September 9, 2012 - The second annual Buddhist Geeks Conference, all about the intersection of Buddhism, culture and technology, happened this month in Colorado, and Dungse Jampal Norbu was there. Here’s his report about what he saw there. Ping, bleep, ding, swoosh. These were some of the many sounds audible at the second international Buddhist Geeks conference, where a variety of small bright screens illuminated the room. At the...   [Read more]
August 19, 2012 - Kongtrul Rinpoche visited the Temple early this week. This photograph captures the joy he expressed while at the Temple, both about the progress we’ve made, and the grandeur of the scale – the size of the shrine rooms, the views, and the overall stability and quality of the structure. Rinpoche said, with conviction, that this Temple will be part of our legacy as practitioners and a community; as a contribution to the...   [Read more]
August 6, 2012 - This slideshow was sent to us by our friends and Sangha members in Brazil capturing their recent life release practice. As Sarah Gomes said, “This week the Sangha saved 3,400 lives of crabs and mussels, on the day of full moon.” Please enjoy the slideshow and rejoice in the positive merit of their practice. Guna Norling Life Release Video of Guna Norling Life Release   [Read more]
July 5, 2012 - This year the Nyingma Summer Seminar will take place from Saturday, July 7 to Sunday, July 15, 2012. As this date rapidly approaches we wish to extend an open invitation to attend this essential annual teaching event. Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche has described NSS as being like a Thanksgiving celebration for our community, a delightful summer event where students have the opportunity to directly engage the teachings in a...   [Read more]
May 13, 2012 - 2012 marks the thirteenth year of the Offering and Dana program and represents a significant accomplishment for the Mangala Srhi Bhuti Sangha, and for all those who have participated over the years. In order to celebrate this annual pilgrimage we will be running a series of news post over the coming weeks offering some background, information and entertainment. For those who are familiar with the pilgrimage we hope this...   [Read more]
May 12, 2012 - On two recent Saturdays, April 14th and 28th, twenty-five participants from throughout New England and Quebec gathered at Pema Osel in Vermont to study and practice Rinpoche’s teachings on bodhicitta, with a focus on the four immeasurables and tonglen. A special aspect of the training was its emphasis on bringing the teachings to life through contemplating their relationship to our own experience. Joey Waxman, who led the...   [Read more]
March 13, 2012 - The 2012 Offering and Dana Program in India began March 12th with the group arriving in Bodhgaya after an overnight train ride from Delhi. Following a quick breakfast, offerings were gathered and prepared at the Mahabodhi Temple. Flowers and water bowls were offered to all the statues that ring the temple. Food bowls were offered inside the temple to the main Buddha statue, as prayer requests from the sangha were read...   [Read more]
January 17, 2012 - Pema Ewan Chögyur Gyurme Ling, also known as Chokling Monastery, offers us an intimate glimpse into Tibetan monastic life as it exists today in India. To visit Chokling Gompa is at once to peer into a distant past and to witness an ancient contemplative tradition surviving with undiminished power in the modern age. Monastic communities were once the focal point of much of Buddhism in Tibet, enjoying a relationship of...   [Read more]