Prayer Requests

We offer several occasions for people wishing to make Prayer Requests:

1. Drupchos: Rigdzin Dupa and Dechen Gyalmo drupchos (week-long intensive sadhana retreats) held January/February and October/November at Phuntsok Choling, our center in Colorado. Make a drupcho prayer request.

2. Sangdrup Sangha Retreat: held each year in August at Pema Osel, our center in Vermont. Make a sangdrup prayer request.

3. Life Releases: (tsetar) take place in Maine, USA, and Salvador, Brazil on several occasions throughout the year. Make a life release prayer request.

4. Offering and Dana Pilgrimage: held in Bodhgaya and Varanasi, India. Make a pilgrimage prayer request.

You are welcome to submit your prayer requests in connection with any of these unique practice occasions listed above. The names and prayers are read aloud at specific times during the practice in the presence of Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche and the sangha, and one's prayers and aspirations are thus included in these meaningful and meritorious activities. The merit of these practices is dedicated to all sentient beings, and specifically in the direction requested by those who have made prayer requests. It is said that making prayer requests is especially helpful on behalf of those who have deceased or are ill or struggling. 

It is traditional to make an offering in connection with Prayer Requests, as this links the meritorious activity to the prayer. The offerings go in their entirety to the practice occasion involved. For example, if you make a Prayer Request during one of the drupchos or sangdrup, your offering will go towards the feast and fire offerings; if you make a prayer request in connection with the Life Release, the offering ransoms the lives of animals; if you make a Prayer Request in connection with the Offering and Dana Pilgrimage or donate to the Asian Charity Fund, those funds are used to help sponsor the yearly Tukdrup Barche Lamsel drupchen, which removes obstacles, for offerings to the Buddha in Bodhgaya, to feed the poor, and for butter lamps lit in holy places throughout the year.

Anyone is welcome to join in these ongoing, meaningful, and precious activities by submitting a Prayer Request.

Please visit the Prayer Request page on the MSB Store to submit your Prayer Request. Include your name in addition to your prayer. For example, “John Smith: Please pray for my brother Michael who is sick.”